This Standard is currently in development and is not available on the Standards Webstore.

BSR/IICRC S230 Standard for Professional Inspection of Flooring Subfloors and Substrates

This Standard will include both non-invasive and invasive (destructive) inspection of subfloors and substrates beneath carpet and hard surface floor covering; including poured in place concrete, precast hollow core prestressed concrete planks, structural concrete panels, plywood sheathing, OSB (oriented strand board), plank-board subfloors, stripwood subfloors, metal substrates, rolled sheet underlayments, heating mats and heating panels, sound control membranes, waterproofing membranes, crack isolation/crack suppression membranes, and moisture protection membranes. Stakeholders include carpet installers, hard surface flooring installers, concrete repair technicians, carpet inspectors, hard surface flooring inspectors, concrete inspectors, flooring manufacturers, concrete producers, manufacturers of precast concrete, manufacturers of structural concrete panels, manufacturers of plywood sheathing, manufacturers of OSB, and manufacturers of metal substrates.

S230 Consensus Body Chair: Andrew Campbell                    S230 Vice-Chair: Audrey Chapman

A note about BSR

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