Setting Up Your Retest

Technicians have up to three attempts total (one initial exam and two retests) for all IICRC Certification courses and 45 days to test from receipt
the IICRC Exam Notification. Please check your IICRC Exam Notification email for more information on your attempts and expiration date. 

Option 1: Online Test Portal

Register to take a retest exam using the Online Test Portal by signing into your IICRC profile. The retest registration can be found in your exam application. 

Exams taken with the IICRC online exam monitoring service require a desktop or laptop computer with current Windows or Mac OS. The device must be equipped with a camera, microphone, and internet connection. Online exams are not required to be scheduled for a specific time or date; exams may be taken at any time prior to the exam expiration.  

Online retest registrations may take 2-4 business days for processing and receipt of login credentials.

Login credentials will be sent from Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive your credentials within the processing time. 

Option 2: IICRC Approved Instructor

Students are required to make arrangements with an IICRC Approved Instructor for in-person retests. 

Retests may be taken on the final testing day of any IICRC Certification  course, even if it is for a different Certification (i.e., a WRT retest may be taken on the testing day of a CCT exam.) Upcoming courses can be found on the Certification Course Calendar.  Students are required to contact the IICRC Approved Instructor with whom they will be testing before the testing date to ensure sufficient testing materials are available. 

Once a testing date is arranged, contact the Retest Department at to submit your payment.  Please include your full name, the exam you will be retesting for, the instructor’s name, and your retest date. 

IICRC retest registrations are $80 USD* for all Certification courses. The IICRC permits one retest for the Mold Remediation Specialist (MRS) exam; MRS retests are $200 USD. Click here for more information on the MRS. 

* Pricing may differ between countries and currencies. 

Watch the Retest Registration Guide