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Update Status
  • The public review period for the new S700 Draft Standard closed on February 06, 2023. The S700 Consensus Body is reviewing submitted comments and will respond to all commenters shortly.

BSR­/IICRC S700 Standard for Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

This standard provides principles, processes, and procedures for determining the presence of combustion particles affecting a building and the extent of impact following a fire or smoke event. This fire or smoke event will be either internal to the building, fire from an adjoining building, or buildings that sustain direct exposure to an external fire.  This standard also provides practical principles, methods, and processes including equipment, tools, and materials, for the remediation of buildings impacted by a fire or smoke event. In addition, including emergency work (mitigation), temporary repairs, engineering controls, removal of fire residues, and associated odors, as allowed.  This standard also addresses contractor qualifications, administrative requirements, procedures, development of the scope of work, and documentation of project-related events.

This standard does not address:

  • Building demolition other than for damage assessment and/or mitigation;
  • Reconstruction;
  • Issues occurring from certain situations such as wildfires, chemical fires, or industrial fires that pose environmental hazards, or
  • Restoration of contents and personal property.

S700 Consensus Body Chair: Bran Lynch                    S700 Consensus Body Vice-Chair: John Pletcher

A note about BSR

BSR is the ANSI Board of Standards Review that reviews and approves Standards as American National Standards. All new Standards under development are designated as BSR/IICRC till such time that they receive final approval from ANSI and can be published.

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