BSR/IICRC S900 Standard for Professional Remediation of Precursors, Drug Residues, and Associated Chemical Waste

This Standard will include procedures to be followed and the precautions to be taken when organizing the work for a project involving the remediation and cleaning of a site that is contaminated by the residues of illicit drugs, cannabis, and tobacco. This standard will assume that all scenes have been released by law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

Additional Information about the S900

Sites requiring cleanup from the residues of illicit drugs, cannabis, and tobacco require a working knowledge of the following subject matter:

- Risk Assessment of the entire project;

- Safety and Health and PPE;

- Site Assessment and Quantification of Chemical Hazards;

- Administrative Procedures, Documentation, and Risk Management;

- Inspection and Preliminary Determination of the work site;

- Equipment and Tools;

- Limitations, Complexities, Complications, and Conflicts;

- Structural Remediation methodology SOPs;

- Contents Remediation SOPs;

- Containment and Disposal of Hazardous Waste SOPs, and

- Confirmation of Cleanliness.

S900 Consensus Body Chair: Dick Driscoll                    S900 Consensus Body Vice-Chair: Paul Pritchard

The S900 Consensus Body has initiated work on drafting this new Standard.

A note about BSR

BSR is the ANSI Board of Standards Review that reviews and approves Standards as American National Standards. All new Standards under development are designated as BSR/IICRC till such time that they receive final approval from ANSI and can be published.

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