Mold Remediation Specialist (MRS)

The IICRC has developed a certification, the Mold Removal Specialist (MRS), for professionals in the mold remediation industry.

What is the Mold Removal Specialist Certification?​

The Mold Remediation Specialist Certification validates competency to:

• Perform mold remediation for structures and contents

• Design and maintain containments

• Control pressure differentials

• Safely work in mold contaminated environments

• Understand common remediation work practices

• Review protocols

• Design and implement remediation processes

• Understand and follow industry standards and legal requirements

• Recognize conditions conducive for causing mold growth

• Prevent amplification and containment for a variety of building types

• Implement proper use of Personal Protective Equipment

• Maintain appropriate documentation of removal/remediation processes


Applicants must meet a minimum of one year of verifiable mold remediation experience.

Important Resources

Use the MRS certification to apply for a government mold remediation license.

Find out if the MRS Certification qualifies for your local license.

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